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About us

The company JVS Diagnostics LLC is developing and organizing the manufacturing of the immunochemical diagnostic test kits targeted for early detection of cancer. The major product of the company is the diagnostic test kit based on the innovative Marker for Epithelial Carcinomas MEC, which appears on the surface of the malignant epithelial cells from the very onset of oncogenesis.

Thus, the innovativeness of the “MEC" technology and its competitive advantage over other cancer markers is that it is very effective method for early detection of the epithelial tumors. The test can be performed in combination with other registered cancer markers such as PSA, CA-125, CA-15-3, CEA or as independent screening instrument that significantly increases overall survival of the patients.

In addition to the early detection of cancer, the technology “MEC" can also be effectively used for cancer monitoring in patients with advanced cancer and for the evaluation of the treatment effectiveness, as well as for the relapse diagnosis in patients, as it was previously shown in a blind clinical study. The dynamics of the MEC biomarker’s changes during the course of chemotherapy in patients with advanced cancer of the stomach and the lung showed a good correlation (75%) with the patient’s overall response status according to the RECIST criteria. It was shown that there is a possibility of using the technology “MEC" for monitoring of the cancer disease and for assessing of an ongoing systemic treatment.

The test kit is designed for:
1) Detection of the early stages of epithelial cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.
2) Monitoring the treatment of cancer patients using the dynamics of the CA-62 marker during chemotherapy. This allows to quickly (within 1 month) identify the inefficiency of some therapy and to change the course.

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In 2019 JVS Diagnostics llc has been received grant from Skolkovo Foundation to develop prototype 

of early cancer detection test